VIP Close Protection

Why your safety should be in pole position when travelling abroad for sporting events

Recent news stories surrounding the security for the Brazilian Grand Prix have again highlighted the need for individuals and businesspeople to pay more serious attention to staying safe while abroad.  Sadly, members of both the Mercedes and Sauber F1 teams …
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Residential Security: Is your home as safe as houses?

Having your home broken into is an awful experience for anyone.  The thought that a complete stranger has invaded your personal space and ransacked your personal belongings is both traumatic and devastating.  Worse yet, it’s an invasion of your personal …
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Safe Journeys: Security Companions for Family Members and Students on Holiday

Like every parent High Net Worth individuals and VIPs worry about the safety of their children.  Teenagers and young adults naturally reach the point where they will travel abroad without their parents – holidaying with friends or on a gap …
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Wave of European Terror Attacks Spotlights the Need for Better Executive Protection

Sadly, in the course of the last few weeks several major European business destinations have been rocked by seemingly random acts of savage terrorism. Attacks in London, Manchester, Paris and Brussels are now causing individual executives and corporate interests to …
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Westminster Terror Attack Demonstrates the Value of Close Protection Services

The shocking events of the Westminster Terror attack just over a month ago have highlighted that a deadly crisis situation can appear without warning – even in the heart of a supposedly safe and well policed city such as London. …
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