VIP Close Protection

Wave of European Terror Attacks Spotlights the Need for Better Executive Protection

Sadly, in the course of the last few weeks several major European business destinations have been rocked by seemingly random acts of savage terrorism. Attacks in London, Manchester, Paris and Brussels are now causing individual executives and corporate interests to re-evaluate their business travel security arrangements for cities previously considered safe.

It’s the purely random nature of these incidents which is causing most concern for companies, who owe a legal duty of care to their employees who are travelling abroad on business. Now, in addition to the standard elements of normal business trip risk management, Executive protection must be extended to safeguarding valued employees in what were thought to be low-risk areas and activities.

The dangers of this increased business travel risk also extend beyond that of the initial event itself. Following any major incident, a good deal of panic is expected, as people seek to flee the area. In such circumstances more injuries can sometimes be attributed to being caught in the chaos of a surging crowd than to the event itself.

While the current security situation in London and other European cities still requires visitors be wary, rather than actively avoiding travel, utilising the kind of professional business travel security preparations and executive close protection services Ironside Associates provides can ensure that the risk to valued staff is significantly reduced.

Ironside Associates’ Executive protection services specialises in delivering discreet, effective business travel security for individuals and groups. With highly experienced personnel drawn from the security services and armed forces we can provide expert close protection, logistical support and risk management advice to keep your most valued assets safe, when travelling to London or anywhere in Europe.

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