risk management
& security consultancy

Are you aware that high visibility businesses are often at the centre of corporate security threats? Did you know that kidnapping, terrorism and assault are crimes commonly committed against high net worth individuals?

Specialist security consultants at Ironside Associates Ltd. are proactive in their assessments of corporate and personal security needs. The diverse pool of experience to be found within our teams of private investigators and security professionals enables us to provide a comprehensive service, protecting clients against a varied and wide range of scenarios.

Safety risk management and implementation of effective personal and corporate security solutions are integral components of our business, and Ironside Associates ensures that events security, personal security and business security services recommendations are always followed through to their conclusion.

Modern-day threats to personal or business security create a climate where investment in risk management and security consultancy is advisable in order to protect long-term personal and business prosperity. In hiring our operatives you can rest assured that integrated risk assessment, crime prevention, crisis management planning and evacuation procedures will be effectively delivered, with support offered at every step. As leaders in the field, we form strategies to assess and counteract the level of risk to you, your family or your business today, in order to safeguard your tomorrow, by providing an elite service.

To be sure that we are delivering the best service possible Ironside Associate Ltd. keeps its teams in constant development, with access to the best in high-level technology. Many of our operatives are also bilingual and highly skilled medics. It is details like these that have helped us to build our reputation as a frontrunner in security and risk management over the last 7 years.

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