VIP Close Protection

Safe Journeys: Security Companions for Family Members and Students on Holiday

Like every parent High Net Worth individuals and VIPs worry about the safety of their children.  Teenagers and young adults naturally reach the point where they will travel abroad without their parents – holidaying with friends or on a gap year.  However, foreign travel is not without risk – especially for the children of high profile individuals.   

Even putting aside the recent terrorist attacks in London, Paris and Brussels, popular holiday destinations which were previously considered ‘safe’ – such as Thailand or Turkey – are becoming increasingly risky to visit due to ongoing political instability or upheaval. In such destinations the chances of being caught up in a sudden, violent incident are not to be underestimated.

Those for whom family close protection is a necessity can ensure that their loved one’s safety is professionally managed by hiring a security companion. With young adults being the most likely to involve themselves in risky activities or attend high profile events -such as music concerts, sporting events and celebrations – your teenager will benefit from expert close protection services while they have a great time.

Ironside Associates are experts in the provision of professional, discrete travel security services. Our team of highly experienced male and female close protection officers are highly skilled in analysing, anticipating and dealing with a range of personal threats, including safeguarding family members from personal harm, harassment and kidnap.

For young adults on a gap year Ironside Associates supplies specialists in a number of outdoor activities, including scuba diving and free fall parachuting. With expert close protection officers who are highly skilled in travelling through and survival in a range of challenging environments you can be assured that your son or daughter are in safe hands – even while they enjoy the natural beauty of a jungle, arctic or desert adventure holiday.

To find out more about our family close protection and travel security services simply contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.