Investigation & Surveillance

Eye in the sky: Are drone surveillance services the future?

Recent years have seen an explosion in the numbers of drones being deployed in a vast range of roles.  From simple leisure use in the local park to taking an active part in looking for water leaks, drones have become …
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Playing away? Private Investigations can stop your infidelity worries

It seems that scarcely a month goes by without yet another professional footballer’s marital indiscretions plastered across the front pages of the tabloids. Sadly, for their unfortunate partners, this is usually the first warning they have of their husband or …
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Employee sickness fraud epidemic costs British business billions according to CBI figures

All reasonable employers understand that accidents happen.  People get sick and having a fair and equitable way to support staff through short or long term absence is the responsibility of any reputable company or business.  However, a study by the …
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Conmen Go “Catfishing”: Online Dating Scams, Infidelity & How Private Investigators Can Get You Off The Hook

Internet dating sites and smartphone apps, such as Tinder, have made it easier than ever for people to find love online. Many of those who use online dating are genuine, honest individuals who are simply looking to find happiness but, …
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Ex-Military Private Investigators Hired To Probe Mystery of Missing RAF Man

Since vanishing after a night out in Bury St. Edmunds last September no trace has been found of 23 year old missing RAF man Corrie Mckeague – despite extensive police involvement and massive national publicity. The result is that his …
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