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Ironside Associates Ltd. is a highly respected, London-based security organisation, offering private investigator, executive protection and elite security services to private and corporate clients across the globe.

The company’s highly experienced and rigorously trained personnel have earned Ironside an enviable reputation for delivering effective investigation and security solutions since the company was founded. Years on, Ironside is known for providing unrivalled services to its clients – protecting people and their assets with absolute professionalism and confidentiality, while remaining competitive in the market place.

Ironside associates’ security consultants provide three main areas of service:

  • VIP close protection (executive protection, including equine security services and superyacht maritime security)
  • Residential, corporate and personal security
  • Private investigation & surveillance (including tracing of individuals, asset tracking, counter-surveillance, mystery shopping and investigations related to fraudulent insurance claims, employee fraud or matrimonial disputes)

Whatever the focus of their services, Ironside Associates has one simple aim; to provide clients with complete reassurance that their lives and assets are being protected. The knowledge that they are in safe hands allows those who turn to Ironside for their security resolutions the freedom to enjoy day-to-day pursuits with confidence, while any concerns are taken care of.

Whether you are looking for a private investigator to provide matrimonial dispute evidence, or a security specialist for VIP protection, you will find that Ironside Associates offers the same high level of professionalism, offering you or your organisation complete peace of mind.

There are various ways in which Ironside operatives can approach assignments to ensure the best fit for your needs. For example, security can be provided as a visible force to be reckoned with, or by way of discreet, covert operations. Whichever approach you require, you will find the services of this world-class, security consultancy equally effective. We also provide reports at every step of the way, offering a high level of transparency to our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you for an absolutely confidential discussion of your requirements.