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From missing persons to matrimonial dispute cases, Ironside Associates Ltd. is equipped to provide you with the best private investigators in London and the UK for your requirements.

Our private investigator and detective teams consist solely of former members of the Military and specialist police units, making them established experts in the field. As individuals who are experienced in diverse operational roles in hostile locations, all possess unique skills that provide our company with a winning edge over its competitors. These skills include the ability to blend effectively into local cultures while remaining focused on every task. Attributes like this allow Ironside to maintain a discreet approach to all surveillance operations and undoubtedly contribute to Ironside’s high success rates.

Tackling all issues from corporate security to personal protection, our UK private investigators provide sensitive surveillance of people, places and/or assets, via covert or overt observations, and with the use of cutting-edge technical means whenever necessary. Surveillance agents work alone or as a team, conducting combined foot and mobile operations anywhere they may be required, worldwide.

Operating transparently, Ironside Associates Ltd. also shares daily real-time updates and reports with its clients, with relevant imagery forwarded for verification as soon as it is captured. These techniques contribute to the successful completion of every operation. Whether the intention is to uncover a fraudulent insurance claim with world-class surveillance investigators, or perform highly effective matrimonial investigations to catch a cheating spouse, professionalism is always paramount.

Access to commercially available databases allows Ironside Associates Ltd. to provide information on individuals or companies whilst still adhering to Police and Criminal Evidence Act Codes of Practice (1984).


Our private investigation and surveillance services include:

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