VIP Close Protection

Residential Security: Is your home as safe as houses?

Having your home broken into is an awful experience for anyone.  The thought that a complete stranger has invaded your personal space and ransacked your personal belongings is both traumatic and devastating.  Worse yet, it’s an invasion of your personal space which many victims describe as the most difficult element to deal with.  However, for high net worth individuals and people who live in the public eye there is an added dimension to consider: the fact that you and your home might actually be targeted by criminals – some of whom may be intent on kidnap or worse.

A recent story in the newspapers has highlighted how criminal gangs are travelling to the UK from as far afield as Chile with the sole intention of breaking into the homes of celebrities and high net worth individuals.  In the face of criminals who are prepared to travel great distances for the chance of a lucrative payday the traditional methods of home protection, such as CCTV or alarms, can seem a little inadequate.

Ironside Associates offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of residential security for people whose wealth or fame has increased the risk of their being targeted by criminal elements.  Drawn from a number of specialist police and military units our fully SIA registered residential security operatives are highly trained professionals with a wealth of experience in the secure protection of individuals, groups and assets.  Able to work alone as an in-house close protection officer, part of a wider team or in addition to your existing residential security arrangements our dedicated and highly skilled operatives can provide visible or covert protection for you and your family.

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