VIP Close Protection

Why your safety should be in pole position when travelling abroad for sporting events

Recent news stories surrounding the security for the Brazilian Grand Prix have again highlighted the need for individuals and businesspeople to pay more serious attention to staying safe while abroad.  Sadly, members of both the Mercedes and Sauber F1 teams and tyre supplier Pirelli were robbed at gunpoint during the staging of this popular motor racing event – leading to call for Formula 1 to review their own security arrangements.  If nothing else this does bring into sharp focus the need for high net worth individuals, celebrities and business executives to engage professional close protection security before travelling to Brazil, as well as the rest of South America.

While it enjoys a popular reputation as the carnival capital of the world, Brazil is plagued with a high rate of criminality, including violent crimes such as carjacking and armed robbery.  With areas of crushing poverty situated close by wealthier districts, it is frighteningly easy to take a wrong turn and find yourself in an area where you may well be at risk.  As recent major sporting events held in Brazil have also demonstrated, prestigious occasions also often attract a criminal element which is ready to take advantage of the unwary – including pickpocketing and even kidnapping.

Ironside Associates are specialists in supplying effective close personal security, safety planning and group protection for High Net Worth individuals, celebrities, executives and their families when travelling abroad.  Drawn from the ranks of specialist units in the security and military services our professional personal protection officers can be relied upon to provide high visibility or more discreet safeguarding services at every stage of your trip.  Female protection operatives are also readily available to work with families, including children.

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