VIP Close Protection

Westminster Terror Attack Demonstrates the Value of Close Protection Services

The shocking events of the Westminster Terror attack just over a month ago have highlighted that a deadly crisis situation can appear without warning – even in the heart of a supposedly safe and well policed city such as London. Whilst investigations continue as to whether this was a genuine terrorist attack, orchestrated by so-called Islamic state or the result of an extreme act of violence from a deranged ‘lone wolf’, it provides ample evidence that at any time individuals can be caught up in life threatening situations – where professional close protection services can mean the difference between life and death.

Even as the Westminster police and parliament security services moved to neutralise the threat. Prime Minster Theresa May’s close protection detail were in action – quickly and efficiently instigating a well-rehearsed, pre-planned evacuation – moving her to a waiting car to be whisked away from the danger zone whilst simultaneously protecting her from any attack.  The kind of cool-headed professionalism under fire is not something that can be learnt in a classroom or a week long training course – that’s why Ironside Associates close protection operatives are drawn from highly experienced individuals with specialist police or military service backgrounds.

Delivering a range of effective VIP or executive protection services, Ironside Associates security personnel can be relied upon to safeguard high net worth individuals, groups – even family members – from a range of threats, at home, whilst travelling or even on holiday. Handpicked and fully vetted Ironside Close Protection Officers are experts in assessing and advising on potential threats as well as contingency planning and crisis management – helping to get you and those you care about to safety – should the worst happen.

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