What is mystery shopping? A mystery shopper is an operative posing as a customer, who can visit your establishment and collect information that enables the accurate evaluation of employee performance.

This customer perspective research tool offers leading-edge companies the opportunity to experience, monitor and review elements of their customer service provision, in the most precise and efficient way possible.

The mystery shoppers method can be used to study the courtesy, knowledge and sales skills of those representing you and your brand, allowing strengths and weaknesses – of both individuals and your organisation as a whole – to be identified and managed objectively.

The most recent development in this effective technique involves the use of state-of-the-art video recording devices, for creation of the most accurate reports possible. Operatives use advanced devices to capture specifically requested material, which can demonstrate both immediate issues or performance trends in association with your organisation. The number and frequency of reports is set according to your unique requirements.

Ironside Associates Ltd. understands that first impressions count and our operatives are committed to providing your business with video mystery shopping reports of the highest quality. We are one of London’s best mystery shopping companies and our approach offers enormous benefits to your business.

Not only will the use of our mystery shoppers save you time, money and resources, that are often needlessly spent on implementing additional training or system modifications, it will also lead to a boost in recommendations of your business and an increase in returning customers. Ultimately, as a result of our groundwork, your brand will deliver superior customer service and improve profit margins.

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