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False insurance claims are an issue faced by insurance companies every day, they cost millions each year and can be very difficult to detect. In order to assess a claim as fraudulent, investigation is often required. In these cases, an insurance claims investigator works to find evidence of deception, which can then be used by the company involved to protect against false payouts.

Ironside Associates Ltd. provides specialist private detectives who are able to implement targeted surveillance and investigation where it is required, to determine when insurance fraud is being attempted. Common examples of the types of insurance claims investigation that we are able to perform include but are not limited to:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Motor vehicle accident and repair claims
  • Contents insurance claims
  • Health and medical claims
  • Disability claims

Fraudulent insurance claims are often opportunistic and based on an exaggeration of the facts. They may relate, for instance, to the extent of an injury sustained, or the length of its impact on the claimant. These types of attempted fraud are known as ‘soft’ fraud.

‘Hard’ fraud can include situations where someone has deliberately planned a loss, maybe via fire or theft. Desperate individuals have even been caught attempting to exploit life insurance policies.

Ironside Associates Ltd. private investigators offer discreet solutions to establishing whether or not hard or soft insurance claims have been based on false evidence. We do this in the most cost-effective way for you by discussing your requirements and agreeing a specific course of action prior to any assignment. Clients can turn to Ironside knowing that we always maintain the correct procedures when collecting evidence that may disprove or validate a claim. This professional approach makes us one of the best insurance claim investigation companies in London and the UK.

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