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Employee Fraud Cases

Employee fraud (otherwise known as internal fraud) can occur in any company, large or small, and refers to fraud that is committed against the organisation by a person, or persons, in its employ. It can take many forms including payment fraud, procurement fraud, receipt fraud, travel fraud, personnel management fraud, expenses fraud or exploitation of company information and/or assets.

Examples include:

  • Payments which have been created or diverted under false pretenses
  • Dishonesty regarding qualifications in order to secure employment
  • Personnel claiming to be sick whilst working for other parties
  • The use of company assets for personal gain
  • Fraudulent claims regarding expenses
  • Employee theft

Prevention is better than cure, but a company’s employee engagement process often allows fraudsters to slip through the net. In these cases, businesses are at risk of damages and losses that can potentially have a very negative and serious impact if left unchecked.

Ironside Associates Ltd’s company fraud investigation operatives are able to detect employees who are acting dishonestly within your organisation when suspicions are raised about possible misconduct.  Cost effective investigations can be performed discretely or overtly according to your specifications.

Overt investigations may be preferred as they can act as a deterrent – demonstrating to employees that fraud cases are taken extremely seriously by your organisation and will not be tolerated.  Covert fraud detection, alternatively, offers the advantage of minimising disruption in the workplace.

Following an investigation, our operative/s will provide you with the evidence that you need in order for disciplinary action to take place.

Ironside Associates fraud investigators are also able to work proactively, providing a risk assessment service that looks for potential weaknesses in your business systems which could leave you vulnerable to fraudulent behaviour.

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