Asset tracking services have become popular with private and business clients in recent years for a number of reasons. They can be applied to products and belongings, or the movements of specific individuals. Tracking can provide protection for lone workers or VIPs, and it can help to ensure that business processes are being performed according to a client’s exact specifications.

Investment in asset tracking systems related to business concerns often leads to long-term savings. It is likely to improve the efficiency of a workforce, or reduce loss of equipment and the costs that are incurred by having to replace lost items.

At Ironside Associates Ltd. our professionals utilise multiple tools and techniques in order to offer accurate and cost effective asset tracking information to its clients from across the globe. We are able to provide real time data, produced by satellite-based GPS tracking systems and devices, 24 hours a day. Our specialists precisely monitor every movement of your device, which is often attached to a vehicle. If required, even the speed at which your vehicle is moving from one location to another can be observed and recorded for your attention by our vehicle trackers.

Ironside is able to offer clients a service that allows asset tracking system information to be viewed online for the duration of any assignment, allowing for complete peace of mind and transparency. This function is accessible via any device with internet access, including your tablet or smart phone. Additionally, Ironside Associates experts can set tracking devices to send you alerts, if and when they are moved, making sure that you remain informed of their location at all times.

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