private investigation services

of Employees or VIPs

Counter-surveillance techniques (otherwise known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM), including bug sweeping, are processes that detect and prevent the surveillance of an organisation or individual. If you are in a position of power, have access to money, sensitive information, or anything else that is desirable to another party, you may be at risk, and in need of TSCM.

Anti-surveillance services may be required by any one of a diverse range of clients and for a number of reasons; from company directors who wish to secure confidentiality from unwelcome third-party interest, to individuals with reason to believe that they are being watched, or that someone could be eavesdropping on their conversations with covert listening devices (bugging equipment).

You may be a business person who is concerned about the actions or intentions of your colleagues, or the victim of a stalker. Whatever your needs, Ironside Associates’ experts in TSCM can neutralise risk from surveillance devices – such as covert cameras or phone bugs – and provide security moving forward. Our private investigators use the most effective counter-surveillance techniques to protect the interests of our clients, including checking computer equipment for data leaks and surveillance software.

An initial assessment from Ironside will enable the creation of a service proposal – according to your unique requirements and detailing the ways in which your TSCM operation can be performed. If you decide to go ahead, TSCM will then be swiftly delivered using front-line counter surveillance equipment and technology, overnight or outside of work hours as required, for absolute discretion and minimal disruption.

Following every assignment, Ironside Associates will provide you with a comprehensive report which breaks down the work that has been done, and any resulting recommendations. If required, specialist teams can continue to carry out bespoke TSCM sweeps in order to eliminate surveillance threats at regular intervals, or during sensitive periods, for your complete peace of mind.

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