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Playing away? Private Investigations can stop your infidelity worries

It seems that scarcely a month goes by without yet another professional footballer’s marital indiscretions plastered across the front pages of the tabloids. Sadly, for their unfortunate partners, this is usually the first warning they have of their husband or wife’s infidelity.  For people who may not live their lives trailed by a pack of paparazzi the mental anguish, worry and upset that accompanies a growing suspicion that a loved one is ‘playing away’ is mercifully not as public, but is no less awful for that.

However, in many cases, concerned spouses have actually been able to put their minds at rest through the use of confidential and discrete private investigations services.

Your suspicions might be aroused by a sudden need to work late at the office, an influx of unexpected business trips, or perhaps even a parade of increasingly unlikely explanations for your husband or wife arriving home later than usual.  However, all of these may simply be what they appear to be – and your blameless spouse could be deeply hurt by an unfounded allegation of infidelity.

As experienced private investigators, Ironside Associates are able to offer a way to set your mind at ease –without running the risk of ruining your relationship.  Well used to providing a range of security services to High Net Worth Individuals, as well as those in the public eye, our private investigation operatives are highly skilled in a range of covert surveillance disciplines.  Having been recruited from the top ranks of both specialist police and military backgrounds you can rely on our comprehensive yet completely confidential services to get to the truth.  Able to operate both here in the UK or abroad our first-class private investigations services can finally give you the answer to your infidelity worries.

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