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Ex-Military Private Investigators Hired To Probe Mystery of Missing RAF Man

Since vanishing after a night out in Bury St. Edmunds last September no trace has been found of 23 year old missing RAF man Corrie Mckeague – despite extensive police involvement and massive national publicity. The result is that his distraught family have now engaged a firm of ex-military private investigators in an effort to discover some clue as to his fate and whereabouts.

This troubling case is an example of the rising levels of private investigations being sought by both individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons. Hiring of Private Investigators is a significant undertaking with the quality and experience of so called ‘private eyes’ varying greatly. In an industry which can see relatively unqualified individuals set themselves up as a private investigation firm with the minimum of previous knowledge the decision of Corrie McKeague’s family to hire ex-military private investigators demonstrates the increasing value placed upon utilising previous members of the armed forces.

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