Investigation & Surveillance

Employee sickness fraud epidemic costs British business billions according to CBI figures

All reasonable employers understand that accidents happen.  People get sick and having a fair and equitable way to support staff through short or long term absence is the responsibility of any reputable company or business.  However, a study by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimates that nearly 1 in every 8 instances of illness or sickness claims by employees are fraudulent – resulting in the loss of a staggering 25 million working days per year at a cost of some £13 billion to UK economy.

Far and away the largest proportion of this cost relates to long term sickness or illness – where employees claim that they are unfit to work through either physical or mental health issues.

So what can you do if you have strong reasons to suspect that an employee is deliberately exaggerating or even completely inventing a long term health problem?

Ironside Associates offers discreet, professional and effective private investigative and surveillance services to businesses across the UK.  Our highly trained investigators are all former members of specialist police or military units, experienced in carrying out covert observation in a host of environments, circumstances and cultures, here in the UK or even abroad.  As a highly reputable specialist security services provider Ironside Associates are also fully compliant with legislation surrounding responsible surveillance, as well as obtaining and handling personal data.

Utilising their unique skills Ironside Associates are able to provide comprehensive but unobtrusive surveillance and investigative services, formulating their findings into a detailed and complete report which will enable you to determine if your company is the victim of long term employee sickness or illness fraud.

For a confidential discussion about how Ironside Associates can help you with professional employee illness investigations simply contact us today.