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Conmen Go “Catfishing”: Online Dating Scams, Infidelity & How Private Investigators Can Get You Off The Hook

Internet dating sites and smartphone apps, such as Tinder, have made it easier than ever for people to find love online. Many of those who use online dating are genuine, honest individuals who are simply looking to find happiness but, just like the jungle, there are predators lurking in the shadows…

Recently a new term has entered the arena of online dating: “catfishing”. This particularly despicable practice is where men who are already married or in a relationship use online dating apps to find lonely, single women to prey on – for easy sex, money or both. Deceived by false names and details many women have been duped into believing that they have found the man of their dreams only to be left emotionally devastated when the truth is revealed.

Unfortunately, criminal elements are now jumping on the bandwagon – seeking to lure in women with the intention of defrauding them out of cash with hard luck stories, such as needing money up front to cover travel expenses or even obtain fictional medical treatments. ┬áBecause of their financial status high net worth individuals are a prime target for conmen. Here, timely intervention, by private investigators can help you avoid the pitfalls and potential heartbreak presented by the online dating predators.

Ironside Associates’ utilise both cutting edge technology and human intelligence to deliver a first class, professional private investigation service anywhere in the UK. Our operatives are all highly experienced in surveillance services having worked in either military or specialist police units – enabling them to operate discreetly in any situation or cultural environment to get to the truth.

While Ironside Associates’ Private Investigation services can’t guarantee you happiness we can, at least, help to safeguard you from unscrupulous individuals who would rather steal your money than your heart.

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