VIP Close Protection

Business Travel Risk Management & Duty of Care: How Close Protection Can Safeguard More Than Just a Valued Employee

Despite the recent political earthquakes being felt in the Western democracies overseas business and trade opportunities continue to grow – and with them the necessity for business travel.  However, whilst the financial incentives of developing countries and emerging markets are well known, business travel to certain locations can be fraught with danger – particularly in areas which may be subject to the unstable rule of law or even open conflict. With companies carrying a legal duty of care to employees close protection services is an effective way of minimising the risk to staff, contractors and other personnel.

Executive protection and the security of lone business travellers – especially female employees – can be greatly enhanced by the expert services of Ironside Associates. With a discreet or visible security presence, delivered by highly trained ex-military or security service personnel, high net worth individuals travelling alone can be assured that they are adequately protected from a range of potential threats. Experienced in operating effectively in a range of environments, cultures and even social surroundings, Ironside Associates expert close protection officers can be relied upon to provide constant travel security throughout the duration of a business trip.

Ironsides Associates close protection services not only delivers highly skilled, professional security during travel but also a host of logistical support benefits – not least of which is expert travel security preparation, including route planning (to determine the safest itinerary) and surveying hotels, airports and business meeting locations beforehand to determine security threats and alternatives – even the standard and suitability of the nearest medical facilities. Female close protection officers can also provide business travel security in areas where a male presence would not be possible or desirable.

To find out how Ironside Associates close protection services can help you effectively manage the business travel risk for staff and executives simply contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.