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Death Threats Force High Court Brexit Campaigner To Hire Personal Protection

In a number of recent media stories Gina Miller, the businesswoman at the heart of the legal battle over the UK government’s right to trigger Article 50, has revealed how a flood of threats have forced her to hire personal protection services. Speaking to a several newspapers the lead claimant in the high court action told how she had been the subject of a barrage of abuse online, by phone and even post – culminating in a number of death and rape threats.

Whilst such a backlash is shocking to the vast majority of people it does serve to highlight how personal protection can become an absolute necessity, even in a supposedly safe and law-abiding developed country such as the UK. For high profile individuals who find they are subject to threats of violence or who may be at risk of other criminal activities, professional close protection services are an effective way to keep themselves and those they love safe from harm.

Expert close protection involves far more than a couple of hefty guys pushing their way through a crowd of photographers. Ironside Associates employs highly trained individuals with either military or security service backgrounds who can demonstrate years of hard earned experience in protecting clients in a range of high risk environments. Working effectively to anticipate, assess and deal with both potential threats and dangerous situations our expert close protection officers can be relied upon to operate with integrity to safeguard your own security and that of those around you.

In addition, Ironside Associates are able to provide officers specialising in family protection and even security drivers.

To find out how Ironside Associates can give you peace of mind, maintain your personal safety and provide family protection you can trust simply contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.