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Two elderly Qatari women robbed of €5m after arriving by private jet into Le Bourget Airport, Paris.

Two Qatari woman were stopped by masked robbers after departing Le Bourget Airport and making their way towards Paris city centre.  They were being driven in a Bentley by a driver at the time of the incident.  It is alleged that valuables worth €5m were stolen in the raid.

It is not known at present if the women were simply targeted because of the Bentley they were being driven in or whether the thieves knew in advance of their arrival.

Le Bourget Airport hosts the biannual Paris Air Show and has been the centre of controversy over the past few years as the number of robberies increase in the area surrounding the airport.

The Landy Tunnel is notorious for smash-and-grab thefts which is located on the main A1 leading to the Airport from Paris primarily due to the congested road leading through the tunnel stretching for almost 1 mile.  Robbers often on motorbikes smash car windows and simply grab whatever they can before riding off through the lines of traffic into the distance.

In April 2015 an Asian art collector had a handbag stolen containing £3.6m worth of jewels from a taxi she was travelling in towards the airport after thieves smashed the window and made off with her handbag.

In August 2014 a Saudi Prince was robbed of £300k when his convoy of vehicles was stopped at gunpoint whilst heading to Le Bourget airport.

US reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed of £5m worth of jewellery at gunpoint in her luxury apartment in the centre of Paris recently which highlighted the risk to the world that Paris may be a beautiful city but careful security measures are required to ensure you stay safe whilst visiting the city.

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