VIP Close Protection

Training and Trust: Why you need to choose your VIP close protection services carefully

The subject of VIP Close Protection has barely been out of the news recently. From reality TV star Kim Kardashian being robbed at gun point to a rash of celebrity “Kiss ‘n’ tell” newspaper stories by ex-security employees, close protection services have been under the spotlight.

For celebrities and high net worth individuals VIP close protection services can be their first and last line of defence. While some might consider an imposing physical presence as reassuring while they are being manhandled through a hoard of paparazzi, the reality is that many ‘so-called’ professional bodyguards have little to no formal training in real close protection services. While here in the UK Close protection officers must be licensed by Security Industry Authority (SIA) the same standards are not required elsewhere in the world, with some ‘professional’ bodyguards having to do no more than attend a simple week long course covering only the very barest of essentials.

Professional VIP close protection requires intelligence, extensive training and unique skill sets (often hard earned) from years of law-enforcement experience, military duty or service in the Special Forces.

Coming from such disciplined backgrounds the highly trained individuals who specialise in executive or VIP close protection invariably have a great deal of experience in maintaining secrecy and discretion – Traits which enable corporate clients and high-profile individuals to trust a Close Protection Officer’s ability to maintain confidentiality.

Ironside Associates are experts in providing high quality Close Protection Services for VIPs, celebrities, executives and high net worth individuals across the world. Professionally vetted, fully trained and experienced our Close Protection Officers can be relied upon to deliver the highest standards of security and discretion.  

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