VIP Close Protection

Prince Harry considering VIP Close protection for girlfriend, Meghan Markle

Following on from Prince Harry’s well publicised anger at the press for a “wave of abuse and harassment” directed at his new girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, several news sources are reporting that he is now actively considering hiring close protection services to ensure her safety.

For many wealthy individuals, celebrities and even business people travelling to or through high risk areas, personal security has long been a necessary consideration. However, in a world where the internet has made it frighteningly easy for anyone to learn a great deal about your personal life, the Prince’s decision highlights the need to consider the protection of both family and loved ones, in addition to the primary client.

Professional VIP Close Protection Services provide both an effective deterrent to potential risks – such as personal attack, kidnapping or robbery – as well as highly trained individuals who are experts in managing dangerous or volatile situations. The reality of VIP Close Protection is a far cry from the public perception of bodyguard services as simply burly guys in suits: Expert close protection security specialists are individuals who have been handpicked and fully vetted to ensure that they possess the wide range of skills and experience necessary to provide effective protection for individuals, families or groups. They also require the guile to combat paparazzi, who often use covert surveillance and other social engineering techniques to achieve their aim of getting a headline news image to compliment a story.

Far from being ‘lone wolf’ types Ironside Associates close protections officers (CPOs) are expected to work well in teams and operate in a range of social and personal environments to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

Ironside Associates delivers the highest standards of VIP close protection and Executive security for individuals and organisations worldwide. Able to offer bodyguard solutions with integrity for any environment or situation our professional Close Protection Officers can be relied upon to safeguard not only you but those you hold dear. Highly trained female security specialists are readily available to provide a reassuring presence and expert close security for children and in situations where a male CPO would be inappropriate.

To find out how Ironside Associates VIP protection services can help to protect your family and loved ones simply contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.