VIP Close Protection

Report highlights the value of VIP Close Protection for business travel

For many companies doing business on a global scale is an established fact of life. Opportunities in developing nations in places such as Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia have seen an explosion of outside investment. However, whilst these countries offer terrific potential for business they also represent some of the most high-risk areas for personal travel – a fact highlighted by a recent report by Ipsos Global Advisor.

The study revealed that a staggering 8 out of 10 travellers had felt their personal safety was at risk while abroad. In addition, less than half of those surveyed had actually done any research into ensuring their own travel security.

Obtaining effective Executive protection is a wise move for companies who not only have a duty of care toward employees when they are travelling in or through volatile locations, but is also a sensible precaution when dealing with high net worth individuals – such as CEOs, senior management or personalities who might represent a tempting target for unscrupulous persons, criminals or radical groups. Professional VIP close protection services offer both an effective deterrent and response to a range of travel security dangers, including kidnapping, robbery and the general safeguarding of valued employees.

Unfortunately, in some countries female visitors stand at greater risk than their male business colleagues – In these instances VIP close protection enables female executives and senior staff to undertake business assignments without compromising their travel security.

However, close protection services do not only encompass dealing with emergency situations. Professional, reputable VIP close protection providers are highly skilled in providing practical logistical support for clients, especially in the planning and preparation for all elements of a foreign visit. Beforehand travel arrangements will be scrutinised to determine the safest, most efficient means of transport – the route to and from planned locations such an airport, hotel, business location, and meetings can be surveyed and alternatives pre-planned in the event of unexpected events. VIP close protection specialists will also naturally take on driving responsibilities for the safety and convenience of their clients.

VIP close protection also involves safeguarding the personal health and physical care of the travelling individual or group. The majority of reputable executive protection personnel will have first-aid training and experience in dealing with emergency situations. Additionally, the nearest medical facilities will also have been checked to gauge their ability to handle an urgent health issue – A very welcome fact considering that the same Ipsos Global Advisor report also states that over 70% of the senior business people surveyed had encountered some form of medical problem whilst abroad.

Close protection services not only encompass high net worth individuals such as executives, but also any accompanying family members, including children. In such circumstances female close security specialists can be assigned where this is preferred and to extend protection to areas where male security would be impractical.

Ironside Associates VIP Close protection services specialises in delivering highly professional security for individuals or groups travelling to locations worldwide where discreet or visible protection is advisable. Our Executive protection is undertaken by fully vetted, professionally trained and highly experienced personnel you can completely rely on in London, elsewhere in the UK or Internationally.

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