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Increase in 2016 fraudulent claims figures highlights the value of better Insurance industry investigations

 A recent report from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has revealed that the frequency of detected fraudulent claims is on the rise. In comparison with 2014 this year has seen dishonest claims – including personal injury, “crash for cash” as well as “slip and trip” – rise by 6%. Conversely, due to what is seen as better insurance industry investigations, the overall cost has reduced to £1.3 billion.

Whilst the expense to the insurance industry has fallen this is still a massive figure and represents only those frauds which have been detected and proven. It is possible that the true figure could be much higher.

Early detection of suspicious claims is vital but the key to gathering the information necessary to both repudiate, and even prosecute fraudsters, lies in the field of insurance industry investigations. Today many insurers outsource this role to professional claims investigators – individuals and firms who provide the expert surveillance services necessary to watch, record and document individuals who are suspected of exaggerating or faking injury with a view to landing a huge payout.

However, as with many sectors, the quality of services and training provided by firms within the investigative services industry can vary greatly. In an area which is a popular career path for ex-police and armed forces personnel there is an expectation that an insurance industry investigation will be undertaken by individuals who not only have professional training but years of experience in surveillance services – sadly, this is not always the case.

For some insurance investigators their only training, before being let loose on a potentially high-value personal injury or liability claim, is a week long course on basic surveillance procedures.  Whilst useful as an introduction for the novice claims investigator this does not compare to the benefit of years of practical knowledge and expertise displayed by surveillance service professionals.

In many instances individuals perpetrating a fraud may be no strangers to other criminal activity or even be part of a wider organised crime group. As such, they might well be aware of – and on the lookout for – the most common surveillance techniques and methods. Even those who are not sophisticated, experienced fraudsters are likely to become suspicious of the same white van being parked in the same spot, outside their home or place of work, day after day.

When considering the large potential payouts in any personal injury or liability claim it is a sound strategy to employ highly trained, professional claims investigators with a wealth of practical experience in surveillance services.

It is for this reason that Ironside Associates offers insurance industry investigations which deliver real results. All of our expert claims investigators are drawn from former specialist police units or military forces, with not only years of hard-earned experience in carrying out effective covert surveillance but also blending in naturally to the culture and background of differing areas – both here in the UK and abroad.

Disciplined, discreet and highly focused Ironside Associates insurance investigators provide a world-class surveillance service, with rapid reporting and solid results.

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