Investigation & Surveillance

Benefits cheat found guilty of obtaining Disability Living Allowance by deception at Cardiff Crown court.

Alan Bannister from Barry, South Wales claimed the higher rate of disability living allowance between2004-2012.

He had exaggerated to the department of work and pensions his arthritis pain stating that he struggled to get dressed, could hardly lift a saucepan and it would take him 15 minutes to walk 50 meters.

A tip off in 2012 led to an investigation into his case and investigators took secret video footage of Bannister during a golf competition at Saint Andrews Major Golf Club, where he was a club member.

The undercover investigators that filmed Bannister submitted covert film footage showing him finishing a 5,400 yard course in just 4 hours.

The former mechanical engineer was given a benefit payment usually given to somebody who couldn’t walk and had also been given a state funded mobility car.

Bannister made a claim for more benefits after his income was halved after quitting his work on health grounds.  He told the court his doctor had recommended he took up golf after being diagnosed with a form of arthritis affecting the spine and other joints.

He will be sentenced next month where he has been told he could face time in prison.

The Department of Work and Pensions are committed to cutting benefit fraud, which costs the taxpayer over a billion pounds each year.

Figures taken from 2012 NFA estimate that total fraud loss to the UK was around £73 Billion.  This when broken down showed £45.5 Billion to the Private sector, £20.3 Billion to the Public sector, Individuals £6.1 Billion and Not for Profit sector £1.1 Billion.

Many companies employ Private Investigators to gain evidence of employee fraud or insurance fraud.