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Will the public allow Ched Evans to play professional football ever again

Footballers Ched Evans, 26 and Clayton McDonald were tried at Caernarfon Crown Court on account of raping a 19-year-old female.

Evans was convicted of the rape on 20th April 2012 however, McDonald was found not guilty.

Evans was refused leave to appeal in August 2012 and served only half his sentence being released in October 2012.

The case from the start has caused what can only be described as media hysteria.

Many cases of infidelity are investigated by Private Investigators, as partners male or female are keen to learn the truth about their relationship and learn the truth about their partner’s activities away from home.

In many cases the affected party in divorce proceedings uses the evidence provided by Private Investigators, as often a cheating spouse will deny any wrong doing until faced with the photographic evidence.

In Evans case he admitted his guilt in a court of law however, his long-term partner made the decision to remain by his side.

Evans devoted fiancé Natasha Massey a beautician, has stood by him even though he has openly admitted that he had cheated on her. She appeared on ITV’s this morning to give a statement that she would stand by him last year.

Her father, a successful businessman has invested much time and money in a campaign to help clear Evans name.

Miss Massey had been subject to negative press, people camping outside her house and again abused on social media.

Miss Massey’s father Karl hired a private detective and a specialist appeals barrister David Emmanuel to assist with their case.

A website has been set up including a £10,000 cash reward for information.

Evans who continues to maintain his innocence has not played professional football since his release.

During his time in Prison he labored as a painter and decorator in order to afford a ‘healthier diet’ and kept fit in the gym.

Ched Evans born in St Asaph Denbighshire employed a legal team to attempt to clear his name in November 2013 including a private investigator.

He was signed to Manchester City in 2002, loaned to Norwich City Football club in 2007 where he scored 10 goals in 28 league appearances before returning to Manchester City. He gained his first Wales U21 cap in 2007.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission are currently reviewing Evans conviction which may take 12 months before a verdict is found.

His female victim is unable to move on with her life plagued by abuse and threats to her own life. Unable to begin to come to terms with what has happened to her. She has apparently had to move and change her name three times due to death threats and abuse.

She has been given a new identity by the police and relocated for her personal safety. She has been subjected to a hate campaign by supporters of Evans resulting in her having to go into hiding. Her online profiles have been removed as if she never existed. Her name was breached online over 6000 times on twitter alone during the trial.

A potential signing to Sheffield United was blocked after a petition was signed by around 150, 000 people arguing the club not to do so as it would be an insult to the woman that had been raped and also to all the women like her who have suffered at the hands of a rapist. Oldham Athletic are the latest club to pull out of signing Evans mainly due to pressure from sponsors and threats against members of their staff.