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Cleveland Kidnaps – Man charged with four counts of kidnapping – Bail set at $8m.

The man accused Ariel Castro has been charged with kidnap and rape.

He has not entered into a plea.

His bail has been set at $8m (£5.1m) which means he will remain in police custody until he is sentenced.

Amanda Berry rose the alarm on Monday when she escaped from the house she was held at.

The remaining women were freed soon after, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus.

Ariel Castro’s two brothers Pedro and Onil were also arrested but police have not found any evidence that they were involved in the crime.

The women told officials that they only remember being outside twice during their time in captivity.

They had reportedly been raped, starved and beaten.

Amanda Berry became pregnant during captivity and her baby was born in a children’s swimming pool on Christmas Day 2006.

Over 200 pieces of evidence has reported to have been collected and taken from the home where the women were held.

The interviews that the women have given have been enough information to charge Mr Castro.

Michelle Knight has remained in hospital while the other women have been reunited with their families.