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Man jailed for life for plotting to murder Joss Stone.


Kevin Liverpool was given a minimum term of 10 years and eight months before he would be considered for parole.  His co accused Junior Bradshaw’s sentencing has been adjourned to a later date.

During the trial the two men were accused of plotting to behead the singer.

Miss Stone described how she rarely locked her front door and paid lip service to her security.

She told Exeter Crown Court how she only became aware of the plot to rob and kill her when police visited her at her home after the two men had been arrested.

Miss Stone spoke of the lack of security at her home admitting to rarely shutting her door.  She also said she had a house alarm but did not use it very often.

She added further that her alarm is now always activated and her door locked.

In the defendants’ Fiat Punto, a metre –long samurai sword, black bags, gaffer tape, knives and hammers were discovered.

It has been alleged that notes found by the police referred to Miss Stone as a “she-devil”.

The notes apparently suggested the two accused had planned to decapitate her and throw her body in a river.  They also indicated that Miss Stone had been targeted due to her connections with the Royal Family.

When questioned about her connections, she said she had “sung for them a couple of times”.

The two men were said to have studied an MTV programme where Miss Stone had appeared featuring a property that she owned called ‘Purple Rose House’.

They had previously denied conspiring to murder Miss Stone and had pleaded not guilty to conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm.

Miss Stone would have been highly likely to have had a detailed security assessment and risk/ threat analysis performed on her and home and potentially hired bodyguards for any future public appearances.

Many high net worth individuals use residential security guards to ensure that their family and assets stay safe and secure allowing them to conduct their lives with minimum fuss whilst maintaining a higher level of security at their homes.

Following a three-week trial the men were convicted of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to rob.