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Russian exile Boris Berezovsky – Post mortem identifies hanging as the cause of his death.

Mr Berezovsky was found dead by his bodyguard on Saturday afternoon in his property at Ascot.

His bodyguard was said to have left Mr Berezovsky alone in the house mid morning on Saturday to run a series of errands for his employer

When he returned Mr Berezovsky was found in a bathroom locked from the inside.

The exiled Russian had emigrated to the UK in 2000, amassing a fortune in the 1990’s following the privatisation of state assets after the collapse of Soviet communism.

There had been two days of speculation about whether he had become the victim of an assassination plot as Mr Berezovsky was always surrounded by controversy and conspiracy theories.

He had survived many assassinations attempts in the past, including a bomb which decapitated his chauffeur.

In 2003 Britain granted him political asylum on the grounds that his life would be in danger in Russia.

Mr Berezovsky had previously employed a close protection team to protect himself as he often said he feared for his life.

He feared for his life especially after his friend Alexander Litvinenko died in 2006 from radioactive polonium poisoning.

His wealth is thought to have diminished in recent years, leaving him struggling to pay debts due to costly court cases leaving him severely depressed.

He had a spell at the Priory clinic where friends thought he had got over the worst of his depression.

Mr Berezovsky supposedly lost over £100m in 2011 in one of Britain’s largest divorce settlements and in 2012 lost around £3bn in damages against his former business partner Roman Abramovich.

It was apparently at this point where he was forced to sell his home and sack his security team and chauffeur.

The post mortem examination results found nothing to indicate that there was any violent struggle.

There are further tests to be carried out on his body.

Investigations at his property are likely to carry on for several days.

This is the third suspicious death in the past five years to befall a businessman from the former USSR in this geographical area.

Russian super grass Alexander Perepilichnyy died while jogging last year.  His death remains unexplained.  He lived less than 10 miles away from Berezovskys home.

Only 15 miles away Berezovsky’s former business partner Badri Patarkatsisvili had died suddenly in 2008.  A pathologist concluded that he died of heart disease.

Many high net worth individuals employ a team of close protection personnel to give them peace of mind that they and their families are protected from any security risks.