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Italian Marines flown back to India to stand trial over death of Indian fishermen.

Two Italian Marines have been sent back to New Delhi to face trial accused of shooting and killing two Indian fishermen in February 2012.

The two men had mistaken fishermen for pirates while guarding an Italian oil tanker.

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were permitted to return home last month to vote in the Italian election.  This was agreed under the promise they returned back to India within four weeks.

India threatened that there would be ‘serious consequences’ when Italy later announced the Marines would not be returning.

It was later on Thursday when the Italian government changed their minds to return the two men.

Italy had received an assurance from the Indian authorities that would ensure their ‘fundamental rights’ would be respected.

The Indian Supreme Court apparently banned the Italian Ambassador from leaving the country.

Italy is said to have insisted that any restrictions on its Ambassador’s movements violated conventions on diplomatic relations.

Italy and Indian are in disagreement about the location of where the shooting happened.  The Indian government are saying it happened in Indian waters where the Italians are standing by their view it was in International waters.

This case has caused unsettled emotions with Italy and India.