VIP Close Protection

Ex Boyfriend of Tamara Ecclestone is jailed for blackmail.

Derek Rose former boyfriend of Tamara Ecclestone has been jailed for 4 years.

Mr Rose dated Miss Ecclestone back in 2002 when she was 17 years old.

An email sent in November 2011 to Miss Ecclestone’s manager suggested that he had been offered £200,000 to sell his story to the media.

His claim has made out that he had been asked by a major tabloid, television shows and radio to talk about their relationship.

It had in fact turned out that no newspaper had actually made such an offer.

Mr Rose had already sold a story to the Daily Mail for £10,000 in the year of the break-up.

The email was sent after Miss Ecclestone has starred in reality TV series ‘ Billion Dollar Girl’.  The show explored her life as an heiress.

Miss Ecclestone said she was relieved that the judge had acknowledged in his sentencing of Mr Rose the serious nature of blackmail and also the need to deter others from committing similar offences.

When there is a risk of blackmail, attack or kidnapping the need for close protection is paramount.

Close protection ensures that the client can go about their everyday activities with the peace of mind that their well-being is monitored by a trusted chaperone.