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Swedish Security Guard dies from gunshot wounds at Sager Palace

A security guard at the Swedish PM’S residence was killed Friday in what appeared to be a suicide or accidental shooting.

Police and emergency services were called to Sagar Palace in downtown Stockholm just after 13:00 on Friday 9th November.

Sagar Palace is the heavily protected and official residence of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.  The PM was not in the building at the time.

A private security firm called Svensk Bevakningstjanst provides security guard protection to the Sagar Palace.

It has been confirmed that the victim was an employee of the company.

The PM also has bodyguards from the Swedish Security Service, however they were not affected by the incident.

The protection of Sweden’s top politicians was stepped up after the 1986 murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme who was shot while walking home with his wife from the cinema.  In another incident Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was stabbed while out shopping in a department store in 2003.

Her killer escaped but was eventually arrested and jailed.  In each incident no bodyguards were involved.

Sweden still takes pride in having an open society with government buildings having relatively easy access anyone can walk up to the entrance to the Prime Ministers residence.

This fatal occurrence is the latest in a number of accidental firings involving protection officers.  In the UK, Scotland Yard recently launched an investigation after a Police Officer believed to have been guarding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s home unintentionally discharged a firearm while on duty.

Many VIP’s and High Net Worth Individuals employ full time bodyguards or Close Protection Officers that are always by their side although not always armed with firearms.

Their directive is clear, which is to protect their client from harm at all costs.