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BBC prankster tricked his way into Tony Blair’s London home exposing security weakness.

BBC prankster Heydon Prowse tricked his way into Tony Blair’s London home in the exclusive London address despite the presence of armed Police guards in the area.

A maid at the residence allowed the prankster inside the doorway, revealing no security procedures in place to check ID once inside the residence.  Mr Blair currently has a number of Armed Police Officers surrounding his exclusive London address however, no actual security presence inside it appears as the Maid gave Haydon Prowse access to the house and even provided him with a set of steps to measure up the spoof stain glass window that he carried depicting an image of Tony Blair as St Tony Blair.

It later turned out that this was indeed a stunt filmed for a new BBC 3 production called “The Revolution Will be Televised”.

He wore a t-shirt, which said “Foundation for the Glorification of Tony Blair” across the front, which in itself would normally ring alarm bells with a trained security professional.

This incident has revealed how exposed Mr Blair has been to a serious threat to himself and his family.  Employing a Residential Security Team of security professionals is common practice for many living in London’s exclusive addresses, to protect their home and family members.