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London Olympics 2012 – Two Schoolboys in Coventry attempt to snatch the Olympic torch.

The security breach happened in Coventry at around 7:20am on Sunday 1st July – The 45th day of the torch’s journey.

The grinning pair of schoolboys managed to break through a Police cordon and past the highly trained security team, before grabbing the 2ft-long torch.

The boys who were wearing their school uniforms and beanie hats ran up to the five National Health Service workers who had been picked to carry the torch in Coventry.

Metropolitan Police Officers are in charge of guarding the torch whilst its on the relay.

The team is made up of 70 staff and officers and 35 take it in turns to run alongside it, usually in teams of 3.

There are identifiable from the grey t-shirts and shorts and the team often run up to 30 miles per day.

Police said that the relay was not affected by the ambush but warned of the dangers of running into the path of the torch and its convoy.

A witness to the incident, said: “Security should be much better at these events but the Police got to the lads pretty quickly”.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “At approximately 07.30hrs in Coventry, two children entered the security bubble around the torch bearer and were removed by the torch security team”.