Investigation & Surveillance

UK Security Service MI5 Battling ‘astonishing’ levels of cyber attacks

John Evans MI5’s intelligence agencies chief made his first public speech for two years.

He warned criminals as well as states were exploiting ‘vulnerabilities’ in the Internet aggressively.

There is threat to integrity, confidentiality and availability of government information but also to businesses and to academic institutions.

Mr. Evans warned the London 2012 Olympics is an attractive target for terrorist groups.  He confirmed that security operations were under way.

He said for this reason the Games would not be an easy target but was in no doubt that some terrorist groups had considered an attack.

Leave has been restricted at Thames House – home of UK Security Services, MI5 headquarters where a clock in the foyer counts down to the opening ceremony.

Close to 600,000 people have been checked as part of the accreditation process, which MI5 has helped with.

It is thought a number of individuals have been denied accreditation based on national security checks.

Mr. Evans also described the extent of cyber espionage and cyber crime as astonishing on an industrial scale.

MI5 is said to be currently investigating attacks on more than a dozen companies.