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Norwich City Football Club apologises to young lad for posting pictures of the team’s new kit on the internet.

Norwich City has made an apology for the way they dealt with a teenage fan who leaked pictures online of their new football kit before its official launch.

Chris Brown, a 17 year old IT student from Norwich, had leaked pictures of the clubs new football kit on a social networking site.

He had obtained the pictures from the clubs official launch website as it was being updated and then posted them on Twitter.

“I’m sorry for any offence I might have caused to the club, but I would never do anything malicious or spiteful because I do have an interest and love the football club” He said.

Chris is a season ticket holder for Norwich.

He said he was called by the club at 0430 Wednesday after posting the new kit on twitter and internet forums Tuesday night.

He said he was “shocked” that the club called him to ask him how he had obtained the pictures.

Norfolk Police released a statement to say they had investigated an offence of unauthorised access to computer data, under the Computer Misuse Act, after being contacted by the football club.

Chris apologised to the club saying he was deeply sorry and regretted his actions.

Following this, the club dropped the matter as they believed the fan had posted them due to ‘enthusiasm’ rather than ‘malicious intent’.

Stephen Fry one of Norwich city’s celebrity fans tweeted his summary of the events as “Storm. Teacup. Bless.”