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Theft of Chinese Jade Art from Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum.

18 items, part of Fitzwilliam Museum’s permanent collection, were stolen from Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum.

The collection of items which are reported to be mainly Jade, are said to be worth million’s.  Their exact value has not yet been released.

The incident occurred at around 19:30 on Friday 13th April.

Cambridge Police are investigating the incident said a group of people were involved in the break in.

CCTV and forensic examinations have been carried out at the scene.

Included in the stolen items were six pieces of Ming dynasty, including a jade 16th Century carved buffalo and a carved horse from the 17th century.

Detective Chief Superintendant Karen Daber is leading the investigation, named Operation Tundra.

The Oriental Museum at Durham University had a similar theft of Jade and porcelain items recently.  These stolen items have since been found and five people were arrested and questioned.

It is unknown at the moment if the two incidents are linked in anyway.

The Fine Art and Antiques division of the Metropolitan Police are said to be assisting the Cambridgeshire Police in their investigations.

Cambridgeshire Police are appealing for anyone in or around the Museum between 6pm and 8pm and that heard anything suspicious to contact them.