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Home office website hack – Warnings of further attacks.

The Home Office website was subject to hacking at the weekend.  The attack restricted access to the Home Office site for several hours from 21:00 on Saturday.

It has been reported that it was a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack.  The UK Police and Justice Act 2006 specifically outlawed DoS attacks and the maximum penalty if found guilty is 10 years in prison.

A DoS attack floods a web server with so many requests that it cannot respond to anyone trying to access to it.

Visitors to the site were faced with a message that told them they were unavailable.

The Home Office website is public facing and no sensitive information is held on it.

A Home Office spokeswoman has said that there has been no indication that any other systems were affected.

New measures by the Home Office have been put in place to protect the website from any further attacks.

It has been alleged that Hacktivist group Anonymous were behind the hack which brought down the Home Office website.

In 2010 a group of ‘Hacktivists’ formed the group Anonymous.

The group had claimed earlier this week to have defaced an estimated 500 websites in China and have issued warnings of further online attacks.