Maritime Security

Shotguns seized from tanker crew docked at Milford Haven.

Three shotguns along with ammunition were seized from a Panamanian-registered ship.

The ship had docked into Milford Haven port, West Wales on Thursday 8th March.

The weapons were uncovered in a simple routine search by Border Force.

Border Force is part of the Home Office and is responsible for protecting the UK’s borders.

The ships crew told officers prior to the search that there were weapons on board. They had also admitted that the weapons were for self – defence during any potential pirate hijack.

The weapons and ammunition were then found and seized by the Border Force Officers.

Border Force Officers have a duty to make sure that any ships that enter UK waters comply with regulations around the transport of firearms and dangerous goods.

A license is required to bring firearms and ammunition into the UK. This has to be arranged with the border agency prior to entry into the UK.

Alex Lawther, assistant director of Border Force, Wales has warned that even if crews are carrying firearms for legitimate reasons they must declare them to Border force officers.

Border Force is holding the shotguns, subject to further investigations.