VIP Close Protection

Blackburn Rovers Manager Steve Kean employs bodyguard for Personal Protection following threats from fans.

Steve Kean has hired a personal bodyguard to protect both himself and his family from recent threats that he has been receiving from disgruntled Blackburn Rovers fans.

Kean has taken advice to have security with him at all times in case of an attack to him or his family as pressure from fans prevents him going out locally.

Fans have been protesting since Kean replaced sacked Sam Allardyce in November 2010.  Kean’s replacement of Sam Allardyce was initially meant to be on a temporary basis.

Further protests and threats have been fuelled by Rovers continual struggle at the bottom of the league table.

He has so far failed to win over the fans, with repeated protests and chants by fans during games for the manager to be sacked.  Blackburn Rovers fans are also angry with the clubs Indian owners the Venky’s.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Everton manager David Moyes have both commented on the behaviour of Blackburn Rovers fans in their quest to drive Steve Kean out of his job.