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Occupy London protestors take over Roman House for a brief period but where will they target next?

A group of Occupy London protestors took over Roman House, a disused multi story building in the Barbican owned by Berkeley Homes early on Saturday 21st January.  The group displayed banners from the upper floor windows and claimed that they would open the house up to visitors on Monday for a lecture on the city’s secret finances and lobbying activities.

Roman House is currently under development and 90 new homes will be created once the project is finished.  Berkeley Homes stressed that the building was unsafe and urged the protestors to leave.

In a sudden change of heart the protestors vacated the building of their own accord and Berkeley Homes have moved quickly to secure the building from further intrusion.

Occupy London have recently lost an eviction battle against their occupation of the land surrounding St Paul’s Cathedral and Monday will see the 100th day of their protest at the site.

Justice Lindblom at the Royal Courts of Justice ruled that although they had a right to protest they were blocking a public highway and must leave.  A member of the group has already lodged an appeal against the decision.

Roman House was the fifth occupation by protesters, who are seeking full financial transparency from the City of London Corporation.

Last year saw a number of prominent buildings occupied by squatters and potentially the campaign would aim to use this tactic to continue to mount pressure on the City of London Corporation.

Many city landlords of empty dwellings are turning to security companies to ensure that their premises remain safe from unauthorised occupation from squatters by employing residential security teams to guard their assets.