Maritime Security

MT Fairchem Bogey released after five months in captivity

It has been reported that Marshall Islands flagged MT Fairchem Bogey has been released by Somali pirates after five months in captivity.

Mumbai based Anglo Eastern Ship Management who refused to comment on any ransom payment used to secure the ships release manages the vessel.

MT Fairchem Bogey has a crew of 21 Indian crewmembers onboard.  Their condition is unknown at present.  The Indian Navy is escorting the vessel to safety.

The vessel was hijacked on 20th August whilst sitting at anchor off the Port of Salalah, Oman after dropping off its security team.

Reports state a ransom in excess of $7 million has been paid and its not unrealistic to assume that a considerable sum will have been paid as the pirates normally hold out for long periods unless they get what they are asking for.