VIP Close Protection

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard rushed to safety by her bodyguards during Canberra Australia Day Commotion

Miss Gillard and her opposition leader Tony Abbot were at an Australia Day awards ceremony in Canberra on Thursday when some protestors started to build up outside the venue.

Apparently there were around 200 protesters said to be supporters of the city’s Aboriginal Tent Embassy that began to beat on the windows of the building that the Prime Minister was in.

Her Police bodyguards made a decision to rush the Prime Minister to safety, as they feared that the glass walls the protesters were banging could collapse.

After 20 minutes Miss Gillard was moved quickly from the building shielded by a CPO with a team of personal security and police officers close behind, to the safety of an awaiting vehicle.

Miss Gillard lost her footing and stumbled during the commotion and her personal protection officer dragged her towards the waiting vehicle and bundled the Prime Minister into the back seat of the car which sped off to safety.

Miss Gillard lost a shoe in the commotion, which the protestors took great delight in displaying to the media and even posted it on EBay for a brief spell before it was removed.

VIP public figures tend to be protected by several bodyguards or a team of close protection officers (CPO’s).  It is common for high profile celebrities and CEO’s also use bodyguards.