Maritime Security

SY Choizil Yacht Crew held hostage phone home at last

Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz who have been held by Somali pirates for almost a year now have been allowed to phone home.  The call was purposely made by the pirates in a ploy to help raise funds to pay the ransom.

A pirate negotiator called Pelizzari’s sister and asked her to record the call in order for it to be broadcasted on International TV stations.

In this particular case the pirates are asking for a staggering $4 million to release them.  The South African couple, were hijacked on the 26 October 2010. During the hijacking Captain Peter Eldridge refused to leave his yacht, which was being shadowed by a naval vessel and he was later rescued by the Navy after the pirates fled ashore with his crew members.

British hostage Judith Tebitt hijacked from a beachfront cottage on the Kenyan Island of Lamu on 11 September is still being held in central Somalia.

A further incident occurred last Thursday, where two female Spanish aid workers were kidnapped at gunpoint from the Dadaab refugee camp.

The two aid workers worked for the medical charity Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF).  Aid workers have been targeted in the past on numerous occasions.