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French Hostage Dies in Somalia and Pirates seek a ransom for her remains.

Marie Dedieu kidnapped earlier this month has died in captivity.  Somali pirates kidnapped the retired journalist from her home in Manda Island, Kenya.  She proved an easy target due to the fact she was very sick and also wheelchair bound.  She was suffering from cancer and took daily medication. Because her captives could not provide her with any further medication she is said to have contracted septicemia and tragically died.

Her kidnappers are now seeking a ransom for her remains.  French officials have demanded the immediate return of her body.  They want the men responsible identified and brought to justice quickly.  They have said that her death is a severe case of brutality.

This is not the first time a body has been used in such a sickening way.

In the UK, Animal Rights Extremist’s dug up the remains of Gladys Hammond from a churchyard in Staffordshire in October 2004.  The activists targeted the owners of Darley Oaks Farm, which bred guinea pigs for medical research.

Prior to the body snatch, there had been numerous attacks on the staff and people connected to the farm.  Some of the attacks included mail threats, attacks on homes, cars and also targets on businesses.

The Hall family who ran the farm was told that her body would only be returned if the farm were closed.  They gave in to the pressures and closed the Farm however, AR lost a lot of sympathy for their campaigns due to the grim nature of their actions.  Three SHAC extremists involved in this sickening plot were jailed for 12 years each.

Somali pirates may suffer a similar fate if they push the envelope too far in this case as the French Government have been aggressive against them in the past.