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£101m Euromillions Jackpot Couple from Wisbech go public

Jackpot winners Dave and Angela Dawes have now gone public about their windfall.  Dave, who is now retired, previously worked as a shift supervisor at Premier Foods of Wisbech and Angela, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation.  The couple currently lives in a one bedroom flat in Wisbech, Norfolk.

The couple was at home watching the TV as the results came in, and said they were in shock as each of their numbers came in.  They had picked the numbers at random.

The couple scooped a record breaking £101 million, even if they did nothing with the money and put it in a savings account they would make £9k per day interest.  This win is the second biggest windfall since the Weirs £161 million last year.

The couple want to make some of their close friends millionaires and also have their first purchases planned already.  A new engagement ring for Angela and a wedding in Portugal next year is top of the list.  Dave’s ultimate purchase will be a season ticket at Chelsea FC .

The couple has plans to move from their one bedroom flat and are undecided how many properties to purchase at the moment.

The windfall will bring with it the usual risks associated with going public as the Weirs found to their cost as they received sacks of begging letters and had to seek refuge by going into hiding to avoid the daily onslaught and come to terms with their life changing wealth.