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Norfolk Police calculate costs of riot Policing coverage.

The total cost of sending specialist police officers from Norfolk to London and the West Midlands has been estimated at £484,000.  They were among 26 other forces that tried to re-establish law and order in London and several other cities around England.

Norfolk Police Authority should eventually recoup this money from the Metropolitan Police and West Midlands Police Force.

The UK riots saw shops and businesses being vandalized and looted.  Some businesses and residential houses were set on fire and completely destroyed.  Lives were lost in the heavy rioting and damage amounting to a reported £100m.

During this period of civil unrest, the demand increased for private security personnel offering asset protection and residential security.  This seems valid in the light of recent cutbacks of the country’s police force.

More than 34, 000 police jobs will be lost nationally as part of government cuts, with Norfolk Police reducing the amount of officers it employs by up to 350. The force will also have to lose 60 Police Community Support Officers and 230 civilian staff by 2015.