Maritime Security

Somali Pirates hijack a Tanker at anchor off the coast of Oman

Somali Pirates managed to hijack a chemical tanker from under the noses of the Omani Coast Guard on Saturday 21 August.  The Marshall Island flagged MV Fairchem Bogey was reported to be at anchor outside the Port of Salalah with a crew of 21 Indian seafarers when it was boarded by Somali Pirates.

There are no reports of a shoot out and its believed to be the first such hijacking by Somali Pirates of this nature.  During the Southwest monsoon pirates normally seek alternative areas such as the Southern Red Sea to continue their attacks during the monsoon periods.

It is believed the pirates used a mother ship to deliver the boarding crew within striking distance.

The Omani Coast Guard was told by the pirates to keep their distance to avoid casualties as the vessel headed towards the Somali coastline.